Trying your luck at graduate film schools

Trying your luck at graduate film schools

So you have finally reaped your bachelor’s diploma in film school after three or four years of hard work. Although this seems quite enough, proceeding to a graduate film school gives a better edge for future employment in the film and media industry. Admittedly, most entertainment companies prefer graduates who have been immersed longer in training and education in film.

Getting into an undergraduate film school might have seemed passing into a needle’s eye but being accepted in a graduate film school is just as tough. Competition becomes more intense as well as the financial hurdles since the graduate film school will be expecting more professional-level outputs, which means more budgeted projects, and not to mention higher tuition fees.

For the less privileged students the best solution is to apply for graduate film schools’ scholarships but that would mean competing with a flock for a breadcrumb. Nonetheless, it’s still worthwhile to try your luck at it. Another option would be to become assistant instructors for undergraduate students. Most graduate film schools allow their students to do this task in exchange for classes like the University of Texas film school at Austin.

Late in 2006, a prestigious institution released a graduate film schools ranking to give a better view to students on which graduate film schools can provide the education and training that meets the demands of the ever-expanding film and media industry. The New York University film school (through the Tisch School of the Arts) and the University Southern California are the top graduate film schools in the United States du jour. Following closely in ranking are the University of California at Los Angeles, the American Film Institute, and the California School of the Arts.

The Tisch School of the Arts was established in 1965. Today, it comprises three main institutes: the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television, the Institute of Performing Arts, and the Skirball Center for New Media. The Tisch School of the Arts has produced alumni who are currently dominating the industry and have garnered numerous awards from the Oscars, the Emmys, etc.

The University of Southern California is equally topping the competition especially that it’s strategically located in the entertainment capital of the world. You’ll find that the instructors here are among the most celebrated filmmakers and professionals in the industry, who are in search of promising fresh talents.

The University of California at Los Angeles film school, a state-funded institution, offers a very stiff competition for film aspirants since the UCLA graduate film school accepts only a few hundred students each year. The successful students will then have to go through backbreaking, nerve-wracking programs.

Graduate film schools, and film schools in general, are among the most expensive schools to study in. The financial aspect is part and parcel of an education in film, but true great talent and luck will get you anywhere along with a strong will, of course.

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