Crystal Repair

Crystal Repair

Crystals in so many forms have been a part of everybody’s household or way of life, from chandeliers, to figurines, to home accents, to plates, to wineglasses, to office items, to trophies, and to favors. Their use and demand have been widespread as they do not only add elegance to ones lifestyle but they come in so many striking and stunning forms that attract crystal-fascinated people, which to say is the majority.

However, these fine pieces are also the most delicate and fragile items. A few slips and there goes the dollars you spent for it. On the other hand, crystal repair can already be done to crystal pieces that is just not practical to throw away because of its uniqueness and sometimes antiquity like crystal figurines or glasses that have been in the family for generations. So the solution, crystal repair that brings it back to its glamour and dazzle.

There are a lot of crystal repair companies existing these days, and although depending on the damage of the crystal item, they often are able to refurbish the damage. One such company is Crystal Restoration.

Crystal Restoration owned by Terry Merritt, is among a handful of people in the US that is an expert in the art of restoring chipped or broken crystal. He first learned the art of crystal repair in 1973 from a gentleman credited with discovering crystal repair, Fred Austin.

Today, for over twenty years, Terry Merritt’s business of giving new life to fine crystal that has been broken or damaged is considered one of the best in the country. He uses a resurfacing process which involves grinding away chips, rebeveling the rim and shining with a diamond compound. If the chip is less than ¼ inch deep, then the piece can be brought back to full value.

Crystal pieces that are broken can be bonded back together through using a procedure that entails an ultraviolet acrylic bonding agent. He points out however, that broken piece crystals can’t be restored to full value but can be repaired for use.

Murano Glass Repair is another crystal repair company that repairs chipped glass and crystal cups, goblets, bowls, and pitchers. They have been engraving and repairing china, crystal, chandeliers, and Venetian mirrors since they came to the US thirty five years ago. Nason the expert of the crystal repair business says much can be done to retrieve glass or crystal items in particular. He has worked on making cracks disappear and re-creating missing pieces with colors and finishes that copies the original. His success in this are is the reason why high-end glass dealers turn to him for help.

Crystal repair can be considered an art of expertise for some people, and much of once damaged treasured crystal antique or favorite piece, unlike before, has now a better chance for restoration and will no longer be another defeat to the recycle bin.

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