Survivor Panama Exile Island

Survivor Panama Exile Island

Have you heard of the popular reality TV show Survivor Panama Exile Island? I’m sure you have for it’s one of the biggest hit of Survivor series on television. When I first the show, I thought I would last a day if I were one of the participants. But when you get to follow the whole episode, you would understand how anyone has to outwit, outplay, and outlast just to survive- and most of all take the $1million prize.

Actually, the Survivor Panama Exile Island is the 12th season of Survivor and takes place in the pearl Islands, off the coast of Panama. This location was previously used fro Survivor Pearl Islands and Survivor All-Stars. The filming began on 31st of October 2005 and the season premiered on the 2nd of February 2006 on CBS. The season finale was on May 14, 2006 with the votes revealed live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York. In a 5-2 vote, Aras Baskauskas defeated Danielle DiLorenzo to take home the $1 million prize. I couldn’t imagine how many people were watching, holding their breaths, on that day.

Each week at least one castaway is sent away for the time period between the reward challenge and the immunity challenge on Exile Island. During this time, audience might have been wishing not to let their favorite exile be banished from Exile Island. The exile is given a single machete, a flint, and a bucket of non-sanitized water. The island also contained a hidden immunity idol that could be used at tribal council after the votes have been cast. This gave the person who found the a strategic advantage because the person can keep the idol secret until he or she will be voted off, which would cause the person with the second largest number of votes to be eliminated. As it developed, one of the exiles, Terry, found the idol and never needed to use it at a vote, but his possession of it seemed to influence how several other people voted.

To keep things fresh, the format of Survivor Panama Exile Island was changed from only two tribes to four tribes. The game began by splitting the 16 players into four tribes, which are the young men, older, young women, older women. During the second episode, the Viveros and Bayoneta tribes were dispersed and in a schoolyard, pick’em new tribes were drawn. In a quite interesting coincidence, each of the original four tribes was presented in the final four contestants.

Here is a list of the 16 participants of Survivor Panama Exile Island according to the vote out:

Tina Scheer
Melinda Hyder
Misty Giles
Ruth Marie Milliman
Bobby Mason
Dan Barry
Nick Stanbury
Austin Carty
Sally Schumann
Bruce Kanegai
Courtney Marit
Shane Powers
Terry Deitz
Dannielle DiLorenzo
Aras Baskauskas: The “Ultimate Survivor” of Survivor Panama Exile Island

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