Best film schools

Best film schools

If the thought of working with the most sought-after, multi-awarded Oscar winning directors like Steven Spielberg or Ron Howard seems quite inviting to you, then getting accepted in the best film schools is definitely your best ticket to a career in the business. Be assured that the best film schools in the country offer training and education in film designed to suit the heightening demands of filmmakers and companies in the entertainment media.

Location bears a weight in terms of concluding for the best film schools. One of the most common reasons is that directors and filmmakers will always be looking for talents in a place conducive for the business to thrive. The best film schools that will be mentioned below are mostly situated in California, where they are nearest to Hollywood. Or if you would like to put it the other way around, Hollywood has caused the sprouting of the best film schools. Whichever way aspirants will have to jump out of their backyards to reach the dream factory.

There are practically three things aspirants will need to prepare before applying in a film school: money, great true talent, and luck. For three years at film school, you’ve probably spent more than $100,000 from your bank account. Having enough money for tuition fee, projects and facilities is vital since students will be undergoing a very specialized program and one of the most coveted degrees. Secondly, you’ll have to have great true talent and a strong passion for the arts to be able to enter and survive in the best film schools. And lastly, luck usually takes you to where you want.

Today’s best film schools
In December 2006, deans and senior faculty were asked to rank the best film schools of today. The result was not surprising at all since these film schools over the years have been reputed for the intensive programs and training they immerse the students in. The Tisch School of the Arts in New York University and the University of Southern California (School of Theater and the School of Cinematic Arts) tie on the number one spot. The University of California at Los Angeles and the American Film Institute were named the third best film schools, while the California Institute of the Arts rank fifth.

Fortunately, the best film schools are the surest way for you to earn a career in the business. What is unfortunate is that you’d have to be the extraordinary among the extraordinary to experience back straining education and sleepless nights.

However, let’s extend the list to widen your perspectives. These schools are mentioned according to rank: Columbia University in New York (6th), School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Unversity of Texas-Austin (7th), Florida State University, Northwestern University-Illinois, and Temple University (9th).

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