Scuba diving Texas—a freshwater dive

Scuba diving Texas—a freshwater dive

Texas is a big state and people always associate this with Rodeos and cowboys. However, little is it known that there are also underwater adventure for those who want a cowboy marine adventure. With the many cities in Texas, so are the many dive sites in the place. But because of the Texas’s location, scuba diving Texas offers a different style, it’s diving in the freshwater lakes and ponds. It’s something not of the usual scuba diving adventure that most people think but rest assured, there’s something awaiting you under the Houston waters.

So, whether you’re in Austin, Waco, Houston, etc., there’s a dive site waiting for you to drop by.

Since Houston is always the common or central location for people visiting the place, then, let’s see what it offers for the scuba divers and learn what scuba diving Texas style is.

Houston has The Reef, which is mostly of rock formations with a 28ft average depth. It’s actually a 20 acre lake that opens to all swimmers, fishermen, boaters, and divers. Though it’s more of a water park than a dive site, young or novice divers can practice diving here and still enjoy the freshwater fish, turtles, shellfish, etc. With plans of a major expansion of the artificial underwater habitats, more fishes would be staying and inhabiting in here. There’s also the Twin Lakes, which is 31 acres of lake water and is 50ft in depth. There are wreck dives too, five underwater boats and one bus, and stripers, catfish, turtles, etc. swim through these wrecks.

Though scuba diving Texas is not as exotic and extreme as the ones in the open seas, rest assured that for those first time divers, learning divers and unskilled divers, you’ll definitely enjoy an underwater swim with the freshwater creatures— and mind you, these sightings cannot be viewed by those swimming in the deep blue seas.

So, if you’re not that comfortable and confident yet to try out the wild marine adventure, and you are more of a relaxed diver, then, enjoy scuba diving Texas style. Texas is definitely not just for those who love the land and its animals, but it also has something for those who love the waters.

If you’re planning to spend a vacation or visit someone in Texas, don’t forget to say hello to the freshwater creatures of Texas, they may not be that wild and exotic but they are beautiful beings in their own environment. Scuba diving is definitely not only for the open seas.

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