Driskill Hotel – a Haunting Experience In Austin Texas

´╗┐Driskill Hotel – a Haunting Experience In Austin Texas

Driskill Hotel Austin Texas
This halloween I decided to fly to Austin Texas to hang out with some friends of mine. As a tribute to this mask clad holiday, we decided to stay at the Driskill Hotel, right off of 6th street. We had been told that it is one of the most haunted hotels in the United States,with at least 4 resident ghossts.
When we arrived the staff was amazingly nice and helpful. We requested our ghostly room and were given a room in the historical part of the hotel.
The rooms were neat and clean and the bathrooms beautifully laid out with gleaming black tile. The bathtub/shower was quirky, as the door didn’t slide but instead opened outward. Western style pictures adorned the walls and made you feel as if you had stepped back in time.
We quickly changed and went out to 6th street where a parade of Halloween schoolgirls, vampires and dark angels roamed the streets. On our way out we partook of the free Halloween snacks that the hotel was offering. The clubs and restaurants were filled with revelry, fine food and cold refreshing libations. The music was awesome,as well, with every flavor of music that you can imagine.
We returned to our room much later to find chocolate mints on our pillows, and the covers turned down.
There were no ghosts that night but the delightful memory of this hotel’s hospitality will haunt our memories for years to come.

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